Sunday, March 23, 2014

In this second book in the series, retired detective Nicholas Pearce is struggling to return after recovering from a near-fatal knife attack. Although the problem is more mental than physical, the choice is made for him as he finds himself thrust into two perplexing cases. Two young college girls, abducted in Louisville, Kentucky, are discovered floating in the Kanawha River near Montgomery, West Virginia. The next day, another girl is abducted, but this one is from the local area. Nick and FBI Agent Addie Curtis team up once again trying to save a life and find the killer before time runs out.

During the investigation, Nick discovers a serial killer, known only as Reaper, who is bragging about his murders online. Pedophiles are being targeted in several states, but no one is connecting the murders, and even Nick is skeptical that Reaper’s claims are genuine. But when Reaper authors an online murder manual, titled, The Killer’s Handbook, Nick realizes it has gone too far. People are using the handbook to kill and Reaper is quickly becoming an underground Internet sensation. Nick knows he must be stopped, but how?

Filled with interesting characters, absorbing dialogue, and disturbing events, The Killer’s Handbook will keep you guessing until the very end.

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